Increase Sales

Direct connection with prospective buyers enables you to keep them updated with pricing changes, inventory availability and all important announcements. .

Message Directly

Tell your story to prospective buyers with more than just a flyer.  Interactive links, click to call, and app launcher all make it simple to communicate.

One Click

Once click add-to-iPhone is simple and uses QR codes on physical signage or short URLs on SMS, email, or online with AdWords or Facebook ads.

HomeBuilderLink offers more marketing opportunities

Connect Early and Often

Secure your spot in your potential homebuyer’s smartphone early in the discovery process – when prospects are just beginning their search. Communicate and engage with prospects to generate more interest and excitement, as well as to provide updated information on properties, neighborhoods, inventory and more.

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New Home Owner Options
Interior Signage Repeats on Mobile with iBeacon Triggers
Link In Model Interactive with Wallet Passes
Model Home Pass on iPhone using Apple Wallet
Couple Using HomeBuilder.Link

HomeBuilder LINK

HomeBuilder LINK is the #1 tool for 24/7 access to prospective home buyers.   Streamlined features include push notifications directly to smartphone lock screen, location or proximity based messaging (geo-fencing or iBeacon based), and the ability to update property passes, inventory sales notices, and to offer additional services at almost any time.

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One Click Installs to Apple Wallet

From QR codes on physical signage to short URLs in email, web pages, Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and SMS offer the opportunity to embed property information and enable direct communication with prospective buyers after they’ve left your neighborhood and might be looking at another.

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Update Prospects with Available Inventory
Schedule Design Center Appointments Using Passes
Push Updated Design Options to Prospective Home Buyers


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