What is a Pass? Is it a Card? How Does it Work?

A Pass Is Your Connection to Prospective Buyers via Their Smartphone

Anyone with an iPhone already has the Wallet app installed – it’s created and supported by Apple.  This means that you have absolutely zero need to create, maintain or support an app in order to market to potential clients via mobile.  

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and months in development, you can start marketing to your customer base TODAY.  No concerns about compatibility, tech support or anything like that.  You’ll spend your time developing marketing campaigns that speak to your prospects and deciding when and how you want to message them directly on their phone.   

Prospective Home Buyers Viewing Potential New Home on iPhone

Installing a model home card (or any other type) is super simple and only takes a couple of clicks. Choose between short URLs and QR codes based on where and when you would like the prospective buyer to install the card on their iPhone.   Cards and passes are interchangeable names for the same technology. 

HomeBuilder.LINK is the simple way to connect you, the new home builder,  with the potential buyers by leveraging innovative technology that’s already in their smartphone.  

Engage prospects early and often – starting with your Facebook ads, Google Adwords campaigns or other online promotions.  Interested buyers can add your cards to their iPhones before they ever see one of your properties.  By adding a compact QR code to printed materials you increase your reach exponentially. 

Engaging prospects in the model home will help you stand out early in the discovery stage of their journey, and encourage them to come back to you to purchase their dream home!  As they walk through your model homes, they can install additional cards via QR codes that provide information on flexible floorpan options, unique design features, available financing and other significant selling points – reminding them of how you stand out from your competitors! 

Make it easy for them to discover why buying a home with you is the right decision – leverage cards to send notifications directly to their iPhone, whether they are in your model home or in your competitors neighborhood.  Geofencing options offer you the ability to push notifications directly to their lock screens from nearly any location. 

Engaging your prospects is what will make the difference between YOU building their dream home or the builder down the street getting their business.


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