How Does the Technology Work for New Home Builders?


As a new home builder, one of the biggest challenges that you face is making a connection with a potential home buyer early in the discovery process.  

Many of your prospects will not buy a new home for months, even years in some cases.  How can you connect with this demographic and maintain your place as top of mind?  

Easy.  HomeBuilder.LINK is the simple and efficient way to communicate and engage your prospects long after they’ve left your model home – your content will stay in their iPhone indefinitely*, while you have the opportunity to update and notify potential buyers when you update.  

  • For instance, if a prospect liked a four bedroom, three bath located by a particular school, it’s a safe bet they’ll also like similar styles in nearby neighborhoods as you start to build those homes.  Choose to send a message via push notification to all the prospects who were interested in a specific neighborhood, square footage, or model type.  
  • Or perhaps you want to notify potential buyers that a certain neighborhood has been sold out – except for stock inventory. 
  • Maybe you’d like to let prospects know that your finance partner is currently offering low interest rate specials for a limited amount of time. 

Any of these things can be communicated to all the installed passes, or just to a select number of installs that meet specific criteria.

Initial setup is straightforward and simple – you provide us with copies of your marketing materials and give us some priorities for the message you want to present.  We’ll convert your exiting materials into consumer friendly, mobile ready campaigns that will quickly and easily get your message across to prospects.  

Change your message as needed, opt to send push notifications, decide where and what you’d like proximity or location based messages to say to possible purchasers.  Our staff work with you to ensure that passes have the look and feel that best represents your company. 

Consumers install passes into their iPhones and receive messaging directly to the lock screen. Apple takes care of all the technological updates and support to the system via their Wallet app, and Android users install a third party wallet. 


Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within one business day.  If you’re in immediate need of assistance, there are instructions on the form confirmation, or call us at 925 400 8077. 

For more information about HomeBuilder.LINK, please drop us a line - normal response time is less than 48 hours.